"It's almost like we saw a show together - but it was about each other."


Show & Tell taps the richest resource of an organization – the men and women who fill its ranks – to share personal ‘objects’ or talents that celebrate our diversity and amplify our commonality.   The perfect retreat, training or orientation activity, Show & Tell sounds like what it is – a respectful and exciting forum in which participants have 5 minutes to present to their peers. With a little thought and preparation, we all have something to hold up in front each other that says “this is a part of me you probably didn’t know about!

For a couple of minutes, Show & Tell puts the backstory of a person up front.

Where Show & Tell fits in:

showcorpquote• board and staff retreats
• diversity programs & training
• team building
• leadership programs & management training
• workplace harassment awareness
• new recruit orientations
• summits, workshops, conferences
• to spark brainstorming sessions
• perfect for extended brown-bag lunches or after work gatherings

Anticipated Outcomes:

Peer-to-peer appreciation |  A deeper respect for differences

Show & Tell brings a new appreciation of who we are to each other,  by shedding light on a more nuanced aspect ourselves. It allows us to break from regular convention and make room for the most basic form of storytelling – oral, spontaneous, eye-to-eye. Show & Tell puts each person inside their own special context for a few minutes. A rare picture, a watch, a mask from Thailand — objects we cherish can help people learn about who we are and what makes us tick. And from that understanding, there’s greater potential for things to grow between us – like admiration, acceptance, compassion and understanding.

Basic Format:Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.53.09 PM

• Show & Tell is a hosted event, where the host interviews each participant with pre-qualified questions,   and facilitates overall event flow,  audience questions, and debrief activities.

• Each participant prepares ( in advance of day)  a 5-minute presentation of an heirloom, personal artifact, family recipe or distinct hobby. ( NO ppt’s) An on-line intake process makes this easy.

• The program can be centered around a theme or be general. Themes can cover specific messaging significant to a larger agenda:  diversity – travel – family – global issues – arts & culture – history
• Everyone participates.
• Debrief activities to ignite conversation around what was learned, what was surprising, what was memorable, etc.
• Presentations can be  filmed for a final montage of Show & Tell that captures the best moments of each presentation.


• Anywhere between 10 – 40 participants per session (breakout sessions for groups larger than 40)
• C- level  / VP’s / Managers / Staff / Board Members / Committee Members / Sales Teams
• Fully scaleable and customizable
• 2 hours in length depending upon number of people (can extend time depending on extent of breakouts and debrief activities)

Cost: (not including travel expenses for facilitators)

Per participant. We customize each program, working within your budget whenever possible.
Also available:
Videography service (raw footage delivered)
Video montage edit (branded with company logo, featuring ‘best of’ moments)

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